Many believe that the limousines are unattainable luxury and rent a limo for an hour only certain segments of the population.

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Many believe that the limousines are unattainable luxury and rent a limo for an hour only certain segments of the population. But life dictates its own rules: there are times when you might not want to save, and have to appear before the public with all the parade.

Why do you need a limousine for hire?

Wedding - classic option when ordering a new limousine. On such a momentous and memorable celebration should be all at the highest level - in the first place the car in which the couple will go to the registry office and in the restaurant. Wedding limousine usually white and decorated with flowers, themed toys, and accessories according to the customer's taste. White limousine looks great during the wedding, and the pictures and video better and looks more solid dark car - especially black.

To hire a limousine dream and new parents, who had long been expecting the birth of their first child. A romantic stroll through the lighted streets of the city at night - another reason to book a limousine SPb. Large companies are often bought infinity limousine to meet foreign or nonresident partners at the airport or at the station: this technique helps to create a positive company image in the eyes of the guest. Limousine birthday will leave a lot of pleasant emotions in the hero of the occasion and make the attendees had a long talk about the great holiday.

Limo / town car service in St. Petersburg

In the Northern capital, limo / town car service is provided by many companies, but about ordering should take care in advance. It may happen that on the eve of the celebration will find that free car tomorrow was left not only in the limousine Alliance, but all Petersburg. And instead anticipate the forthcoming celebration, a birthday or a couple will only upset feelings, spoiled the mood and unrealized dreams. Therefore, to apply for a limousine rental is for two or three weeks before the planned event.

How much cost to rent a limousine in St. Petersburg?

The rental price of the luxury vehicle is determined by several factors: the class of car, number of passengers, date and duration of the trip. To book a limousine for an hour is unlikely to succeed. Usually a limousine service possible for a minimum period of not less than two hours, but distributors are advised to take the limo to the wedding for 3 hours or longer. This trip will be sufficient for the needs in the car. In addition, rent a limousine for 3 hours or more can expect a decent discount: each additional hour rental costs are significantly reduced. It happens that when ordering a car for 5 hours, the sixth hour is free.

Hire luxury car is a decent option planned celebrations effectively, efficiently and at a high level. The holiday will be truly beautiful and memorable, and comfort of movement and convenience will be remembered for a long time. As flashy, luxurious and elegant limousine at the head of the motorcade will allow the hero of the occasion to be in the spotlight!